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Choosing between traditional window treatments and films can be difficult. Many home and business owners worry that they will miss out on the high-performance benefits of window films by investing in curtains, shutters and blinds, and that window films may not match the decorative qualities of traditional treatments.

At NBI, we offer an easy solution: choose both.

Window films from NBISuncontrol are compatible with any window treatment. And as a Sarasota and Manatee County 3M™ Premier Elite Window Film Dealer, our extensive catalog can serve any function including solar control, privacy and security.

Let’s explore how combining our films with window treatments can seamlessly improve your space.


Developed by 3M™, a trusted brand world wide, our window films provide industry-leading performance while remaining virtually imperceptible. Films can be as thin as a Post-it® Note and fitted for any smooth surface, so your window coverings won’t be compromised. And with our experienced and 3M™-certified installation team, working with pre-existing treatments is no issue.

We also recognize the value of elegance and curb appeal in your home or business. Low interior and exterior reflectivity allow improved viewing and natural looks when paired with window treatments. And despite their impressive solar control benefits, dark tints are optional, so your décor can remain unchanged with crystal-clear films that outperform most factory-tinted glass.

Solar Control

Enjoying sunshine can be challenging with harmful solar rays and glare flowing freely into your home or business, and window coverings that completely omit natural light aren’t much of a solution. Fortunately, our Solar Control Window Films can complement your curtains, shutters and blinds with the following features:

  • UV Protection – Our films block 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation responsible for fading furniture, appliances, merchandise and even your curtains, shutters and blinds. They can keep your family, guests and customers safe from long-term skin and eye damage without having to sacrifice natural light.


  • Temperature Control – 3M™ Sun Control Window Films intercept up to 97% of heat-producing infrared rays, accounting for 60% of heat coming through windows. These figures are tested with the sun is at a 60° angle, when it is hottest, unlike many competitors who measure from a weak horizontal angle. This allows you to enjoy open window treatments throughout the day while slicing energy bills and extending the life of your A/C units. Energy savings alone can provide payback in as little as three years.


  • Glare Reduction – Tired of annoying glare on televisions and mobile screens? Our window films can significantly reduce pesky glare so your family, guests and customers and enjoy screen time and day-time games and television in comfort.


Window films can offer impenetrable privacy, but dark tints aren’t for everyone. Window coverings can complement clear films by providing practical privacy when it’s needed – close them at night or when privacy is required and open them to enjoy safe, comfortable sunshine and viewing made possible by our window films.

Safety & Security

While window treatments can provide effective privacy and aesthetics, they often lack reliable security features. Our 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films can make any home or establishment safer with the following benefits, and they can be combined with our Solar Control Window Films for optimal performance.

  • Intruder Deterrence – Windows and glass doors are common entry sites for intrusions. By holding together broken glass, Safety & Security Films can deter intruders by up to two minutes, providing invaluable time for you to react and authorities to arrive.


  • Injury Prevention – Safety & Security Films can prevent shard-related injuries by containing shattered glass against impacts, bomb blasts and chemical explosions. They are thoroughly evaluated in shock tube and open-air arena explosive tests.


  • Upgrade to Code – Safety & Security Films can help your establishment meet safety glazing requirements at a fraction of the cost of new glass installations. They are proven to meet or exceed safety glass standards including ANSI Z97.1 and 16 CFR 1201.

Ready to Upgrade?

NBISuncontrol has proudly served Florida’s Gulf Coast since 1971. With over 40,000 window film installations performed, our team is experienced and certified by 3M™ for reliable service.

If you’re ready to harness the sun and complement your window treatments with market-leading films, contact us here or at (941) 360-8500 for a free, no obligation estimate today.

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