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Window film has been around since the 1960s, and it’s come a long way since 3M first patented the product.

Window tint has lots of benefits – from lower energy bills to UV protection – but for many people, it calls to mind dark tint. Thanks to 3M science, however, homeowners can get the benefits of window film without worrying about their views. 3M™ Prestige Series Films are game changers, offering invisible protection for your home.

How do 3M™ Prestige Series Films work?

3M is a world leader in nanotechnology. At its labs, scientists work with materials that can be more than 1,000 times thinner than the width of a hair. It’s this technology that led to 3M™ Prestige Series Films.

Despite featuring hundreds of layers, 3M™ Prestige Series Films are thinner than a sheet of paper. They’re also spectrally selective, reflecting up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays, which generate heat, while allowing up to 70% of visible rays to pass through. And, 3M is an industry leader in adhesives, offering a clear and streak-free finish.

Unlike some films, 3M™ Prestige Series Films aren’t made with any metal, which means that they will never interfere with your electronics or corrode in the salty air of Southwest Florida. While traditional metal films are reflective, 3M™ Prestige Series Films are more reflective than glass by just 1% or less. They’re virtually undetectable, which makes them a great option for condo owners who want the protection of window film but can’t make aesthetic alterations to their unit.

3M™ Prestige Series Films are applied by professional installers, like NBISuncontrol, and they can protect your home for decades. They also come with a lifetime warranty for most residential applications.

Why choose 3M™ Prestige Series Films?

Thanks to its advanced technology, 3M™ Prestige Series Films offer plenty of benefits without changing the appearance of your home or your views. These include:

  • Protection for your furniture and flooring. 3M™ Prestige Series Films not only block the sun’s heat producing rays, but also reject up to 99.9% of UV rays, which can cause your furniture and flooring to fade.
  • Safety for your skin. Installing 3M™ Prestige Series Films is like applying ultra-strong sunscreen. By rejecting UV rays, this high-tech window film also provides UV protection for your skin.
  • Lower electricity bills. 3M™ Prestige Series Films reject up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays and up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows. This is a big electricity saver during the Southwest Florida summer. In fact, 3M sun control films typically pay for themselves in energy savings in 36 months. Plus, cooler temperatures mean less wear and tear on your expensive air conditioning unit.
  • Improved interior comfort. 3M™ Prestige Series Films allow homeowners to enjoy their outdoor views, while experiencing enhanced comfort inside. By rejecting heat, films help eliminate annoying hotspots in your home.

Why choose NBI Suncontrol?

That’s an easy one. NBI Suncontrol is the only 3M™ Certified Premier Elite dealer in the Sarasota and Bradenton area. Let us give you a quote for 3M™ Prestige Series Films today.

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