The Gift of Savings

 In Solar Films

December is quickly approaching, and it is almost time to finalize your shopping lists for the holiday season. This year, consider giving the gift of savings to yourself with window films from NBI.

At NBI, we take the “the gift that keeps on giving” literally with 3M™ Sun Control Window Films. Our window films can provide year-round energy savings and protect your floors, furniture and art from fading.

Here’s why our window film makes a great gift for the holidays.

Why Window Film?

Sun Control Window Films attach to any glass or smooth surface to reduce UV light, infrared rays and solar glare. And they match beautifully with window coverings such as curtains, shutters and blinds!

Our films are built with patented nanotechnology and can be thinner than a Post-it® Note and crystal-clear, so your home’s look isn’t changed.

Prestige films provide long-term savings associated with furnishing and maintaining hardwood tiles, carpets, wallpapers and paints by effectively eliminating UV damage from your home. They also protect inhabitants from overexposure to UV light, a leading cause of skin cancer and cataracts. 3M™ Sun Control Window Film, Prestige Series reduces 99.9% of UV rays responsible for fading furniture, floors and walls.

Reducing heat-producing infrared rays by as much as 73%, Prestige films can slice your energy bills and extend the life of HVAC systems. Cooling savings can reach up to 10% in the summer, and lower energy costs can yield payback in as little as three years.

Our window films also significantly reduce glare, making daytime TV viewing and screen time easy and comfortable.

And despite the excellent performance, window films cost a fraction of new glass installations or traditional tinting methods, so the savings start on arrival.

Other Benefits of Window Film

Beyond their solar control qualities, our 3M™ window films can provide outstanding security and privacy.

  • Safety & Security – 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films hold broken glass together to defend against intrusions, impacts and explosions. They are proven to slow break-ins by up to two minutes and can prevent shard-related injuries in the event of a chemical explosion.
  • Privacy – Dark-tinted Sun Control and Safety & Security films are available at NBI to enhance privacy in your home. These range from slightly shaded to visually impenetrable. We also offer decorative films that replicate the look and feel of etched or frosted glass.

Contact Us!

NBI Suncontrol is a 3M™ Premier Elite level dealer with industry-leading warranties. We have served the Sarasota area since 1973 and would be happy to help you upgrade this holiday season. Contact us at (941) 360-8500 today for more information and a free estimate!

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