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At NBI, we believe that reliable safety for homes, businesses and schools should be easily accessible. That’s why we work with 3M™’s trusted brand to offer industry-leading security solutions at affordable rates.

Our 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film can make any space safer by protecting glass panes against intrusions, explosive blasts and more. It is easily attached to any smooth surface to provide an additional layer of protection. And despite impressive performance, window films can be tint-free and thinner than a Post-it® Note, so no aesthetic alterations are required.

Here’s how Safety & Security Window Film can improve your space.

The Benefits of Safety & Security Film

No home, business or school is complete without a dependable degree of safety, and that’s just what 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film offers.

Windows and sliding doors are frequently targeted entry sites for intruders and can easily shatter following forced impacts. Safety & Security Window Film uses patented nanotechnology to hold broken glass together, deterring intrusions and preventing shard-related injuries and damage to property. And it even provides solar protection! Here’s how:

  • Deter Forced Entries – Safety & Security Window Film can hinder forced entries to your home, business or school by up to two minutes, allowing valuable time for authorities to arrive and for occupants to appropriately react.
  • Defense Against Glass Shards – Our films have been thoroughly tested by 3M™’s world-leading research team to contain shattered glass against bomb blasts and chemical explosions, including through shock tube and open-air arena explosive tests. They provide excellent protection from flying glass shards that can harm people and property.
  • Upgrade to Code – Safety & Security Window Film can help your business or school affordably meet safety glazing requirements. Installations match or exceed most safety glass standards including ANSI Z97.1 and 16 CFR 1201. They are cheaper and often outperform new glass.
  • Solar Protection – Like our market-leading 3M™ Sun Control Window Films, Safety & Security Window Film significantly blocks UV rays responsible for long-term skin and eye damage, as well as fading of furniture, merchandise and classroom materials.

For additional privacy and solar control benefits, Safety & Security Window Film can be seamlessly paired with 3M™ decorative films and Sun Control Window Films from NBI, and with window treatments including curtains, shutters and blinds.

Installations are quick and performed by our own 3M™-certified team, so interruptions to daily routine are minimal.

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NBISuncontrol has served Florida’s Gulf Coast since 1971 with over 40,000 window film installations. Our team is experienced and certified by 3M™ for superior service.

Ready to upgrade your home, business or school with 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film? contact us here or at (941) 360-8500 for a free, no obligation estimate today.

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