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Upgrading solar control in your home or business can instantly slice energy bills and enhance comfort, but popular solutions like dark-tinted windows aren’t always compatible with home or business designs. Thanks to groundbreaking 3M™ window film technology, however, window tints can be virtually clear (no dark tint look) while improving comfort, solar protection and energy savings.

At NBI, we believe that superior performance shouldn’t blemish your home or establishment’s look, but rather improve it. That’s why we extend the industry’s leading clear solar control solution, 3M™ Sun Control Window Film Prestige Series.

Built with non-metalized, multilayered optical film, 3M’s innovative Prestige solutions leave windows essentially unchanged. And despite being nearly imperceptible, they outperform most tinted alternatives.

The Clear Choice

Sunshine State residents are familiar with high energy bills, persistent solar glare and sun damage. They are also accustomed to buildings that resort to uninviting window tints to escape these issues. Many competing products offer modest compromises to these problems—Prestige Window Film solves them.

Natural light makes homes and businesses more inviting, and it can be fully enjoyed with window films that preserve interior designs and merchandise. Clear Prestige Films block 99.9% of UV light responsible for fading furniture, fabrics and wallpapers and posing long-term health risks such as cataracts and skin cancer. That means healthy, uninterrupted sunshine without sacrificing aesthetics.

Solar hear is reduced by up to 50% with clear Prestige Films, slicing climate control costs and extending the life of your A/C unit. While this figure already outmatches most competitors, note that 3M™ window films are tested when the sun feels hottest, at a 60° angle, whereas other brands test under soft perpendicular sunlight. Our installations can provide payback in as little as three years through energy savings alone.

Perhaps the most annoying solar property, glare, is reduced by up to 55% behind clear Prestige Films, allowing undisturbed screentime and easy viewing throughout the day.

Prestige Films combine beautifully with curtains, shutters and blinds. They can protect your existing window treatments from fading and are easily compatible with any interior design.

Prestige Safety & Security

Additional safety and security benefits are available with 3M’s Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Window Film Ultra Prestige Series. These films are designed to hold broken glass together against impacts, deterring intruders by up to two minutes and preventing shard-related injuries—all while maintaining the function and clarity of Solar Control Prestige Films.

Upgrade Today with NBI

Established in 1973, NBI has performed over 40,000 window film installations across the Gulf Coast. Our team is highly experienced and can readily assist your home’s solar and security needs.

Ready to improve your home or business with Prestige? Contact us here or at (941) 360-8500 for a free, no obligation estimate today.

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