Why Window Film Should be Your First Line of Defense

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Posted February 18, 2019 In Solar Films

There is nothing more important than protecting your home and family.

According to the most recent data available from the FBI, Americans suffer about $3.4 billion in burglary-related property losses per year.

But when someone’s home is burglarized, they stand to part with far more than their possessions. They may also lose their peace of mind.

That’s why window film should be your first line of defense against home invasions.

How Does It Work?

In 2017, more than 1.4 million burglaries took place across the country, according to the FBI. About 58 percent of those crimes involve forced entry.

Unfortunately, windows are often the most vulnerable part of any home, but they don’t have to be. Window film can help.

Thousands of retail stores, schools and government buildings have already had 3M films installed on their windows. You can get the same protection for your home.

Its purpose is simple: It’s designed to hold together broken glass in the event of an impact. But it employs state-of-the-art technology to achieve this end. The tear-resistant film is bound to your windows when its installed, making it difficult to penetrate.

Both single- and multi-layer films are available, meaning there’s a 3M product to meet nearly all budgets and home security needs.

In fact, 3M Window Films can slow down armed intruders by up to two minutes, giving you valuable time to call the authorities and often causing the invader to retreat. Unlike an alarm system or security cameras, it actually creates a physical barrier against break ins.

Some 3M Window Films are so strong that they can even help mitigate the effects of a bomb blast. Plus, they can significantly reduce the chance of broken-glass related injuries in the event of an attempted robbery, severe weather or even a rogue golf ball.

3M Safety & Security Series films are clear, offering invisible protection without changing the look of your home or obstructing your views.

The many benefits of 3M

There are many reasons to invest in window film beyond home protection.

3M Safety & Security Series films can be paired with solar films, which can help improve interior comfort, reduce your energy bills and block the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Not to mention, 3M Window Films are backed by one of America’s most trusted brands. In fact, 3M films come with a lifetime warranty in most residential applications.

3M also offers decorative films in dozens of styles. These polyester films mimic frosted or etched glass at a fraction of the cost. Not only can they add a decorative flair to your home, but they can also be applied to rooms where you store valuable items, like your home office, to prevent potential burglars from seeing inside.

Best of all, having 3M films installed on your windows is significantly less expensive than replacing them with fortified windows. If you opt for window film that also offers sun protection, you could even recoup your investment through energy savings in as few as 36 months.

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