Window Film Removal: Leave It to the Experts

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There is the adage, “what comes up, must come down,” and, when it comes to bad window film it just needs to come down. Window film that has not been installed properly or is just low quality can bubble, peal and discolor – obstructing your window views – and not providing you the protection you need.

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Posted February 18, 2019 In Solar Films

There is the adage, “what comes up, must come down,” and, when it comes to bad window film it just needs to be replaced. Window film that has been damaged, or is just poor quality, can bubble, peel and discolor – obstructing your window views and reducing the protection you need.

Removing window film is a hard and labor intensive task. The good news is … if you do have bad window film … NBI has trained staff members who can handle the removal process for you, saving you time, money and the mess. By reinstalling 3M window film, you can be sure your home or business is 3M protected.  Adding 3M window film to your windows, is like adding SPF 99 to your glass – protecting your floors and furnishings from fading.

This invisible layer of protection can also lower energy bills, reduce glare and protect your home or place of business from outside threats. 3M window film can also enhance your views and add some privacy where you need it.

When taking down bad window film, it’s important to replace it with the good stuff that is backed with a strong warranty. 3M window films are warranted to maintain their solar properties without bubbling, peeling, cracking or crazing. 3M Company holds the original window film patent from 1966 and continues to differentiate its products from those offered by its competitors. Today there are millions of square feet of 3M window films installed throughout the world.

If you’ve got bad window film, it’s time to get 3M protected. 3M Authorized Dealer, NBI SunControl can remove and reinstall the protection you need on your home and business.

What are the signs that your window film is bad?

According to Window Film Magazine, the yellow color within some film fades faster than the red and blue color in film – which causes the film to turn purple. Higher quality window film, such as 3M Window Film, does not turn purple

Lower quality window film will cause bubbles over time because the adhesive begins to fail. 3M Window Film is tested to ensure that bubbles will not develop and NBI’s trained technicians will explain and provide you with all the information you need to take care of your investment.

Peeling, Cracking & Hazing
If your window film has started to do any of the above, then it needs to be replaced. In many cases, window film that needs to be replaced was not a high-quality film to begin with,

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