The Turtles are Back! It’s Sea Turtle Nesting Season

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Sea Turtle Code Compliance is Easy with 3M™ Sun Control Window Film


Protect Our Sea Turtles AND Your Home! LEARN HOWNesting season for sea turtles runs May 1 through October 31 every year, but turtles don’t always follow the calendar. In South Florida, nesting can begin in early April and continue into November. It’s a time when we are aware of sharing the beach with sea turtles and are reminded to be especially vigilant about not leaving items on the beach at night and not disturbing nests.

For those that live along the beach, it means bringing in beach furniture at night and ensuring that lights from your home are not visible on the beach.

Shielding or blocking light is critical for sea turtles during both the nesting and hatching process. After a female lumbers up onto the beach, digs her nest and deposits her eggs, she returns to the sea guided by the moonlight reflecting on the water. Any alternate light source can disorient the exhausted mother and cause her to become stranded or trapped.

When it is time for the hatchlings to emerge, it’s just as important that they have a clear path to the sea with no inland distractions.

Options for Sea Turtle Code Compliance

Many counties have enacted codes requiring lights to be covered and new construction within sight of the beach to have “turtle code compliant” glass with a light transmission of 45% or less. Owners of existing homes along the beach who want to help the turtles have another option that doesn’t require replacing the windows. High quality window film such as 3M Window Film can block 55% or more of light transmission, meeting or exceeding the standard for sea turtle codes. It also blocks glare, reduces heat transmission and the energy needed to cool your home and adds privacy, so you can help the turtles and increase your own comfort and enjoyment of your home at the same time!

When installed by a professional, such as NBI SunControl, the film is backed by a 3M warranty. For more information, visit or call 941-260-1270.

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