Enhance Your Home Experience, Save on Energy Costs with 3M™ Window Film

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Recent current events have most of us working or spending more time within our homes. In some cases, this has meant added time to enjoy life’s simpler things, including time with family, time to focus on our hobbies and time to consider home improvement projects.

3M™ Window Film can help make time at home more comfortable by reducing heat pockets, saving on energy costs and preventing furniture and floor fading.

Reduce Heat Pockets

Have you ever stood next to your window and felt the heat from Florida’s sunshine on your arms? Then, just 10 feet further into the same room, have you felt cooler air-conditioned air? Heat pockets near our windows is common for those of us who live in Southwest Florida.

3M™ Thinsulate™ Climate Control Window Film is designed to stop heat pockets from forming. This specially patented film helps improve the insulation value of your windows. A typical single-pane window will perform similar to double-pane window, and a typical double-pane window will perform similar to a triple-pane window. This means that the window film can reduce heat pockets within your home and make it even more enjoyable to sit or stand next to your windows.

Save on Energy Costs

Reducing heat pockets can, in turn, reduce energy costs.

For many of us staying at home, our air condition units are running harder and our lights are on more often. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates 30 percent all energy used to heat and cool homes goes out the window. 3M™ Thinsulate™ Climate Control Window Film is designed to limit this from happening.

The film’s invisible insulation solar reflecting technology helps block the sun’s heat, keeping you cooler in the summer. Meanwhile, the film’s insulation technology is designed to retain the heat, keeping you warmer in the winter. This means that you have more control over the temperature in your home. Your HVAC doesn’t have to run as hard, which can result in energy savings.

3M™ Thinsulate™ Climate Control Window Film does not have to change to look of your home. Offered in a clear film as well as various tints, the film provides a high visible light transmission into your home. This means that you can let the maximum natural light in without having to turn on a light switch, which can result in energy savings.

Protect Your Skin, Prevent Fading Furniture and Floors

This added protection can save the life of your furniture and floors.

3M™ Thinsulate™ Climate Control Window Film rejects 99.9 percent of UV rays, which is the leading cause of fading furniture and floors. UV rays can also cause fading in upholstery and artwork. 3M’s patented Thinsulate™ film works to stop UV rays from damaging our property.

We can also protect our skin by installing Thinsulate™ film on our windows. Exposure to UV rays can damage our skin and cause skin cancer. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window film products as an effective UV protectant.

Make Your Home More Comfortable with 3M

3M Window Film can make your home more comfortable by reducing heat pockets, saving on energy costs and protecting yourself and your furniture from damaging UV rays.

When installed by a professional, such as NBI SunControl, the film is backed by a 3M warranty. For more information, visit www.NBIsuncontrol.com or call (941) 360-8500.

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