Looking Back: The Met Day Spa

 In Solar Films

St. Armands Circle is a picturesque place, and without question, one of the area’s most beautiful storefronts belongs to The Met Fashion House, Day Spa& Salon. An elegant stairway set between two huge display windows beckons passers-by to come in from the hot Florida sun and indulge themselves in luxury – whether it be shopping for men’s or lady’s fashions, or hours of pampering in the day spa.

Pampering, however, isn’t the word that comes to mind when you see what the sun can do to the valuable merchandise displayed in the 12-foot-tall bay windows at the front of the store! Facing west into the afternoon sun, the ultraviolet light coming through the glass can quickly fade fabrics and ruin everything on display. Plus, the accompanying heat leads to discomfort throughout the entire front area of the store. But how do you protect against heat and fading when the ability to see into the display windows is your most important sales asset?

If you’re the management at The Met, you call us! We were able to give them just what they needed: a nearly undetectable 3M window film that would reduce heat and virtually eliminate the ultraviolet light coming through the windows – without any loss of ability to see the displays and no color change. We installed a solar window film that’s able to reject up to 97 percent of infrared light. Goods that would typically have to be written off due to damage are able to be sold without loss. Plus, solar window film provides added skin protection for The Met’s shoppers and staff. In fact, the film is a Skin Cancer Foundation recommended product.

Though the bay windows at The Met’s entry don’t offer much space, our experienced installation craftsmen were able to apply the 3M window film at a quality level that is second to none, and without disrupting the normal store routine – something that is always appreciated by management!

By installing Ultra Prestige 70 – a 3M window film – we helped The Met protect its merchandise from more than just the sun. This product combines solar and security window film to offer added assurance against breaking and entry. While St. Armands is a safe neighborhood, you can never be too careful! If someone were to smash the glass, the tear-resistant security window film would help hold it together, hopefully keeping the burglar out until help arrives.

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