Sea Turtle Nesting Season

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3M™ Sun Control Window Film For Sea Turtle Code Compliance

Control Visible Light Transmission (VLT) | Glass Replacement Not Required

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Turtle nesting season begins on May 1st, when in a life cycle as old as time, gravid female sea turtles lumber up onto Florida’s beaches, deposit their eggs in carefully dug nests and return to the ocean. It is the time of year when we are all reminded  to bring in beach furniture at night,  avoid nests, and shield or divert our lights so that the hatchlings, who appear a few weeks later, won’t be confused and head inland rather than  towards the sea. Many counties require new construction within sight of the beach  to have “turtle code compliant” glass with a light transmission of 45% or less. Many gulf side residents in existing homes and condos who want to help have also installed turtle compliant windows.

One way to meet the code without the expense of actual window replacement is to install a quality 3M Window Film that meets the light transmission standards. Since tinting the windows also reduces heat input, the benefits to both the turtles and the homeowner are immediate and obvious. The turtles won’t be confused, and the homeowner will be more comfortable!

Think about this. If you live at the beach anywhere on Florida’s west coast, your windows face west into the afternoon sun. That means you are subject to the discomfort of excess heat, eye-watering glare, and harmful ultraviolet light!  You can improve your interior environment with an affordable installation of window film and help the turtles at the same time. That’s a “win – win” for both you and the little guys who are just trying to make it home without getting lost.

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