Think You’re Safe From UV Light Indoors? Think again…

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For more than 40 years, we’ve been installing window film for clients whose main concern is protecting their drapes, carpets and furnishings from sun fading. Every one of those clients knows that the single strongest source of fading is ultraviolet light; yet it is truly surprising how few make the connection between ultraviolet light, and the fact that – even indoors – they are subject to premature aging of skin and skin cancer, as well eye damage. Every hour that your windows admit visible light (daylight), they are admitting invisible light (ultraviolet). If it can damage your furnishings, it can surely damage your skin and eyes – even indoors!

As thousands of Baby Boomers move to Florida and settle into the “retirement” lifestyle, they would be well advised to consider an application of 3M sun control film for their home windows. 3M films block 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays that otherwise pass right through glass. For that reason, 3M window films are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation; and many dermatologists recommend window film to their clients. Window films don’t need to be “dark” to block all the UV, so you can fill your home with beautiful, natural daylight and still protect your skin and your eyes from cataracts and the damage that comes from long term exposure to ultraviolet light – UV. Many of today’s window films are virtually undetectable while still reducing substantial amounts of heat and glare; so you will be creating a more comfortable interior environment, without compromising your views or interior light levels.

Think You’re Safe from UV Light Indoors?

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