Help Prevent Fading Furniture, Heat Pockets with 3M™ Window Film

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The Sunshine State’s year-round warm temperatures and bright sunny days are among the many factors that people move to Southwest Florida. But while we know the importance of wearing sunscreen to protect our skin, not many of us are aware of the direct damage the sun is causing to our home and belongings.

Darrell Smith, executive director of the International Window Film Association, was quoted in an article on Geico’s website, explaining how the sun’s invisible culprits – both ultraviolent (UV) rays and infrared rays – can impact a home. He said that many furnishings are made of materials that are sensitive to certain wavelengths of energy. With repeated exposure to UV rays, the material can breakdown and deteriorate. This is what causes fading furniture and floors.

In turn, the infrared light is what causes the heat. According to Weather Atlas, July is the hottest month of the year in Florida with an average high temperature of 90 to 92 degrees. These extreme temperatures can cause heat pockets to form in your home and your air conditioner unit to have to work harder.

The good news is that 3M™ Sun Control Window Film can help stop the UV rays from entering your home and damaging furniture. The window insulation film is also scientifically proven to help block heat, thus allowing your energy costs to drop.

Help Stop Fading Furniture and Flooring with Window Film

Smith said that UV rays cause about 40 percent of all interior fading. Regular windows will only block about 25 percent of the damaging rays.

3M™ Sun Control Window Film, Prestige Series is designed to prevent UV rays from entering your home. It’s multi-layered, non-metallized optical film and nano technology to reject up 99 percent of damaging UV rays. This will decrease the fading of furniture and floors.

Prevent Heat Pockets Near Your Windows with Tint

The sun’s infrared rays are what causes the heat that you can feel on your skin when standing in the sunlight. In Florida, it is common to stand next to a window and feel that heat. Meanwhile, if you stand further back from the window, the temperature can be lower. These heat pockets next to windows can cause your air conditioning unit to work harder.

3M™ Window Film is designed to help block heat generated from the sun’s infrared rays. The Prestige Series window tint has scientifically proven to reject up to 97 percent of the sun’s infrared light and reject up to 60 percent of the heat coming through your windows. This means it will be cooler next to your windows. Prestige films comes as both a tint and clear option, so you don’t have to change the look of your home.

Increase Energy Savings At Home

According to the Department of Energy, heat gain and loss through windows are responsible for 25 to 30 percent of residential heating and cooling energy use. This means that you’re A/C unit is working harder to keep the temperatures cooler in your home. This results in higher energy costs during the summer months.

The additional wear and tear on an A/C unit also can make the unit not last as long. According to Air Filters Delivered,  “AC units are very expensive and should last an average of 20 years. Proper care throughout your ownership will keep your unit in the best shape possible.”

Overall, house window tinting helps block unwanted infrared heat and lowers the strain on you air conditioner, which could keep it running longer and ultimately saving money on energy and replacement costs.

NBI Suncontrol is a 3M™ Authorized Prestige Dealer and has professional installers on staff who are expert at window tinting. If you are in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, contact us to speak to one of our experts on ways we can assist you in home window tinting, lowering energy costs and helping to prevent fading furniture and flooring. Contact us at (941) 260-1270.

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