Filter the View with Privacy and Decorative Window Film

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In your home or office, there are areas where you want a clear view and areas where a little more privacy is in order. 3M™ privacy window films and design films let you select the amount of opacity you want, control the light and add stunning visual effects to customize your space.

Control the View with Privacy Films

Problem: Customer is needing sun control and more privacy for his home’s windows.

Solution: NBI Suncontrol added 3M™ Sun Control, Affinity 15 to customer’s home to reject up to 79% of all solar energy and enhance privacy from the exterior view.

Glass walls, room partitions, storage areas, closet doors and cabinet doors are all areas where residential privacy window films can make a difference. Use these films to create a more calming and pleasing appearance – while hiding what you don’t want seen. Frosted privacy window film on glass conference room enclosures and work areas can improve focus and confidentiality for employees and clients. One-way mirror privacy films and nighttime privacy films can increase security by allowing those inside to see out but blocking the view in from the outside.

NBI Suncontrol in Sarasota, FL installs only 3M films because they are the highest quality and carry industry-leading warranties. 3M™ Privacy Films can be installed at a fraction of the cost of replacing glass and without the mess and disruption of etching or sandblasting.

If privacy is the main objective, consider these interior window film options:

  • 3M™ White Matte Translucent Film – subtle privacy with a designer touch that mimics frosted glass and still allows light to come through.
  • 3M™ Blackout Film – enhanced privacy with a bold look that obscures the view of unsightly areas and blocks light.
  • 3M™ Mirror Film – 3M’s best one-way privacy film with a reflective, mirror-like finish that can be combined with lighting to create almost compete privacy.

These frosted, blackout or reflective privacy window films can be molded to almost any flat or curved glass surface, and can be cut into logos, monograms or other shapes to represent your family or promote your brand. Plus, they remove cleanly and are so affordable you can replace them when you’re ready for a new look.

Modern lounge room with glass wall decorative window tint privacy window filmAdd Custom Style with Design Films

If you’re looking to add style along with privacy, you can transform the plain glass in your home, office or business with beautiful and durable decorative privacy window film. Tailored to your space and needs, 3M™ FASARA Glass Finishes are available in more than 50 designs and a variety of shades and colors. These films can be creatively cut and installed to create endless custom looks.

FASARA decorative window films allow you to control light and privacy with all the advantages of etched, sandblasted, cut or textured glass at a much lower price. And thanks to 3M’s adhesive technology and NBI’s professional installers, installation is fast and precise. Whatever your style, you’ll find a find the look you want with designer glass finishes such as Grain Champagne Gold, Linen, Cut Glass Silver and many more.

Bring in the Color with DICHROIC Films

Privacy doesn’t have to be boring. Your glass surfaces can come alive with shimmering color. 3M’s DICHROIC Glass Finishes employ multi-layer optical films to create rich colors that change with lighting and viewing angles.

Suitable for interior and exterior applications, DICHROIC film can be used for a wide variety of architectural, design and artistic purposes. For adding a dynamic and unexpected flair along with increased privacy, 3M DICHROIC film is an innovative choice for commercial and home privacy window film.

Work with an Expert

NBI Suncontrol is a 3M™ Authorized Prestige-level dealer, serving the central west coast of Florida with expert window tint consultation and installation. NBI has professional installers on staff who can help you chose the best window film for privacy to fit your needs. If you are in Sarasota or Manatee counties, contact us or call (941) 260-1270 to speak to one of our experts.

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