Replacing Windows Versus Adding Window Film

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Remodeling a home or office can be time consuming and expensive. Replacing windows may update the look of the building and lower energy costs, but it can take years for the energy efficient windows to pay for themselves.

According to an article from the International Window Film Association, “While the energy savings of window films are comparable to replacement windows, they may cost about one-tenth the cost of replacement windows and their installation.”

If the reason behind new window installations is to give your home or workplace a new look, window film is here to help. Staying within your budget is nearly impossible when purchasing new windows. Window tint film can be a better option at a fraction of the cost, bringing major benefits that a simple window replacement couldn’t give.

At NBISuncontrol, we’ve got you covered. As an authorized window film dealer, we offer style and function to your windows. 3M’s decorative window films offer affordable solutions and dozens of decorative film patterns to choose from.

What Window Film Can Do for You

Improve your home or business, the affordable way. 3M Window Film can reduce your energy bills by as much as 10 percent in the summer, protect your windows from flying debris and intruders, enhance your views, reduce glare caused by harsh sunlight and provide an upscale look at a favorable price.

Control the Sun

Blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays with 3M Window Films can prevent damage to your skin, furnishings and floors. It also can help eliminate pesky hot spots, enhance comfort and prevent glare.

Sun control films help keep your space cooler and blocks 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays creating big energy savings all while protecting you and your valuables.

Window Protection

When deciding between replacing your windows or adding window film, protection is something to take note of. 3M Safety & Security Window Films help prevent glass from shattering from flying debris and helps slow down and deter intruders from quickly getting in your home or office. This invisible layer of protection is something that newly replaced windows can’t compete with.

Enhance Your Space

For businesses, frosted glass is a great way to enhance your space while adding privacy. With 3M’s decorative window films you can style your glass however you would like. The films are affordable and easy to replace, giving you more flexibility to give your space an upgrade again.

Some houses have large solid panel glass front doors that may make residents feel uncomfortable. Instead of replacing the door, add decorative film to the glass. 3M’s decorative films will keep your door visually appealing and allow natural light into your home while bringing privacy to your space.

NBISuncontrol has completed more than 40,000 installations across the Gulf Coast and looks forward to exceeding your expectations. Contact us at 941-360-8500 for a free, no obligation quote today.

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