New Year, New Aesthetic

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With the new year swiftly approaching, gym memberships will soon skyrocket, and wardrobes nation-wide will be subject to major changes. Such is tradition at every year’s turn, and 2022 will be no exception.

Habits and fashion, however, should not be the only things changed upon the new year’s arrival. Your environment holds a considerable influence over your comfort and happiness, and it can be significantly and affordably improved with decorative surface films by 3M™.

Decorative Films for Businesses

Most workplaces demand some degree of privacy, and it usually comes at the expense of desired aesthetics. With 3M’s vast catalog of DI-NOC™ and FASARA™ finishes, however, both can be improved upon at a fraction of the costs of traditional methods.

DI-NOC™ finishes by 3M™ are versatile and can seamlessly enhance any business’s design and privacy standards. Film designs can be as uniform or extravagant as need be, and applications are just as flexible. DI-NOC™ films are commonly placed on doors, elevators, cabinetry, millwork, walls, ceilings and columns, and can be cut by an NBI film expert in accordance with architectural limitations or your chosen design, including company logos and abstract patterns. Architectural finishes with outstanding natural designs are also available in the DI-NOC™ series. These films can elegantly transform any commercial or office building into a warm and inviting workplace.

For glass applications, FASARA™ finishes offer the look of factory frosted or etched panes in a durable polyester construction. These finishes are most popular in interior office spaces as they allow for privacy while maintaining outstanding light transmission. FASARA™ films range from subtly glazed to visually impenetrable and are available in thousands of design combinations.

A FASARA™ whiteboard option is also available at NBI. Whiteboard surfaces make great additions to office spaces and are practical alternatives to bulky portable whiteboards.

Both DI-NOC™ and FASARA™ installations are quick and demand little to no disturbances to daily operations.

If your business needs a better look for the new year, consider 3M™ decorative films from NBI.

Decorative Films for Homes

An elegant home doesn’t have to be a pricy one. Decorative glass and surface films can be surprisingly affordable at NBI, and our large 3M™ catalog is sure to have designs that match your home.

FASARA™ finishes offer the look of real etched or frosted glass and are commonly installed to front doors, glass cabinets, bathroom windows and shower doors for residential applications. Aside from their beautiful designs, FASARA™ films are extremely durable and provide safety and privacy by obstructing exterior viewing into your home.

Our DI-NOC™ collection offers wood grains, stone, metallic, fabric, abstract, matte and colored finishes that can make any house look and feel more like a home. Cabinetry and doors are the most common installation sites for DI-NOC™ films, although they can even be placed on walls and ceilings. Additionally, newly released DI-NOC™ architectural finishes offer natural wood, marble and metal designs that make for beautiful residential installations.

Consider installing FASARA™ and DI-NOC™ films from NBI for a warm and elegant 2022, and beyond.

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NBI has proudly served Sarasota’s homes and businesses for over four decades, and we are willing to serve your decorative film needs going into 2022. We are a 3M™ Premier Elite-level dealer with premier tint and film products, deep local roots and excellently reviewed customer service.

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