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Those not adept to meteorology can use a different but nonetheless accurate indicator that summer has arrived: frighteningly high energy bills. Your home may feel cool despite high outside temperatures, but HVAC units are placed under enormous strain during the summer, and consequently so is your wallet. At NBI, we offer practical and affordable climate control solutions in 3M™ Sun Control Window Films.

Insulating window films provide year-round energy savings as well as property value and preservation benefits. Using innovative 3M™ technology, these films help retain cool air during the summer and hot air during the winter. Surprisingly affordable 3M™ Sun Control Films can provide payback in as little as three years.

About Window Film

3M™ Window Films are non-metalized, multi-layered optical films that attach to any window or glass surface. Built with patented 3M™ nanotechnology, films can be as thin as Post-it® Notes and as effective as factory tinted glasses. Installations are quick and cost a fraction of new glass prices. Solar Control Films reduce heat, glare and UV radiation where applied. Security-reinforcing films are also available at NBI.

Unlike blinds or curtains, Solar Control Films maintain the natural light and viewing benefits of windows while just as effectively curbing their harmful and peeving drawbacks.

Contain the Sun with Prestige

3M™ Sun Control Window Film Prestige Series offers premier climate control products that can enhance any home’s comfort and safety. Prestige Films provide market-leading figures in infrared, UV and glare reduction. In addition to outstanding performance, these films maintain excellent clarity and low reflectivity.

Prestige installations can immediately slash your energy bill by 10%, blocking up to 97% of heat-producing infrared radiation and 50% of solar heat transmission. Performance increases in accordance with the sun’s angle, as Prestige Films reject up to 67% of total solar energy at a 60-degree angle, when windows are most vulnerable to direct sunlight. Naturally reducing your home’s heat influx allows HVAC systems to perform more efficiently and extends their lifespans.

Despite their low opacity, Prestige Films mitigate 99.9% of UV light responsible for fading and causing long-term health risks. Like heat, UV radiation is most prevalent in the summer, when it poses the greatest threat to your home and health. Overexposure to UV rays can lead to lasting eye damage and several dermatological risks including skin cancer, the most common form of cancer in the United States, according to the CDC. UV light is additionally responsible for aging your home, progressively wearing furniture, walls and flooring.

Summertime also heightens glare projection onto your windows, constantly obstructing interior views and making even relaxing activities, such as watching television, unpleasant. Prestige Films filter up to 55% of pesky glare, so your home can permit the benefits of natural light in comfort.

The “dog days” don’t last forever, so enjoy them in maximum comfort and savings with Sun Control Window Films from NBI.

Sun Control from NBI

NBI is a 3M™ Premier Elite-level dealer with industry-leading warranties. We have proudly served Sarasota’s solar, safety and security needs since 1973.

To learn more about our solar control products, contact us at 941-360-8500.

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