Celebrate Natural Light … Without The Downsides

 In Solar Films

Research has shown that natural light has many benefits. It boosts productivity in workplaces and speeds patient recovery in hospitals. Scientists have found that people who live in regions with less sunlight are at heightened risk for certain cancers, while shift workers who sleep during the day are more prone to metabolic syndrome.

At home, sunshine can brighten everything from your spirit – exposure to natural light has been linked to mental health benefits – to your decor. In fact, many modern homes feature large windows to capture all the beautiful benefits of sunlight … not to mention the stunning views of southwest Florida.

Despite the many reasons to welcome light into your home, it’s no secret that sun exposure can also have negative consequences. Fortunately, NBI Suncontrol is here to help! Our 3M window film can block heat and harmful ultraviolet rays while protecting your skin and your belongings.

Here’s why Florida homeowners should consider investing in window tint:

  • Florida gets hot – especially in the summer. The powerful sun can stick you with higher energy bills and create uncomfortable hot spots in your home. Our solar window film rejects heat, leading to energy savings that can help you qualify for “green” credits and energy rebates.
  • Of course, sun exposure has also been linked to skin cancer, cataracts, and premature aging. With today’s technology, window heat can block up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays. Our 3M window film is even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, allowing you to get many of the sun’s benefits with fewer dangerous side effects.
  • Ultraviolet light doesn’t just damage your skin, it can also fade your belongings. By blocking UV rays, our solar window film can help preserve your pricey furnishings.
  • Sunlight might make your home look beautiful, but at times, it can lead to annoying glare. With glare-reducing solar window film, you can avoid closing the curtains on beautiful days.


Some window tint also provides safety and security benefits, like protecting against burglaries or flying debris. Decorative window film can add privacy to spaces throughout your home and provide additional aesthetic appeal with numerous designs, but without the high price of etched glass.

The cost to install window tint can range from $9 to $18 per square foot, depending on the type of film selected. Many Floridians find it’s a small price to pay to safely enjoy the sun.



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